Unreal Engine 4 – My Basic Tutorial

– create a project in : 
C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\Documents\Unreal Projects

– export a project :

file > packaging project > windows 64

select a folder or create one



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Standard Operating Procedure – Autodesk Sketchbook

  • search a model on the net (ie wikipedia)
  • download the model on your tablet
  • open application sketchbook
  • import the model into autodesk sketchbook from photos
  • create a blank layer (right menu)
  • change opacity of the model by 50% by clicking on it (on the right)
  • draw on the blanck page
  • change opacity to 0%
  • loop if not finished
  • save, publish, share

CryEngine 5.6.5 My Tutorial

== create a account ==


== download the launcher ==

  • and download the engine inside.
  • he is in library, my engine.

== prerequisite : import the files for the future project ==

  • go to the marketplace : https://www.cryengine.com/marketplace#
  • download gamesdk (lot of examples and assets)
  • right click and « reveal in explorer »
  • copy past all the assets from different folder into the one you want (your project)
  • pak files are compressed assets (like a zip file)

== to import a project ==

go the « app », into library and click « import »
select the project in the Crytech folder : D:\Program Files (x86)\Crytek\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\
ex : D:\Program Files (x86)\Crytek\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\gamesdk_5.6

== create project ==

use underscore and low caps, the same inside for entity

launch CRYENGINE Launcher, click new

C/ by default to change in D:

in D:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\Documents\CRYENGINE Projects

== reset layout if needed ==

to have the defaut view, click : reset layout.

== console ==

if you need the console, it’s in tools > advanced > console

== flow graph ==

its a view of a scripting language
it in tools > flow graph

== load a level ==

– if you see only the dark in the view « perspective », it’s because there is no level selected.
– open project > open level

== create a new level ==

Start the Editor and create a new level folder using the File -> New option. (p31 Getting Started With CRYENGINE Guide)

select 1024*1024 if you don’t need high quality textures

source : https://docs.cryengine.com/display/SDKDOC2/Creating+a+New+Level

== import a pre-existing model in the projet ==

go to « asset browser »

  • right click to view thumbnail
    and drag and drop in « perspective » mode

== how to launch your game ==

  • save your game before launching (because it can crash)
  • ctrl + G to play inside the perspective mode
  • use the scroll mouse bouton to change weapons (4 total)
  • Esc key to exit back to the editor

== how to add entity ==

  • example : Gamesdk > object > characters > human > sdk player
  • select and drag and drop

== how to copy entity (brushes) ==

-brushes are inanimated object (structures, bridges, stones etc)
-you can try ctrl C + ctrl V (to copy)
and click and the move icon + directions (x,y,z)

the entities added to the game are in the level explorer.

== flow graph ==

use tools > « flow graph » to add game mechanics to an entity (ex physics)

== export the game ==

in File menu, click « Export to engine » (F7).

How To Change The Look Of RetroArch – into XMB ( Blue Graphical User Interface )

Screenshot from 2020-05-14 10-56-39.png

1. install RetroArch
2. go to settings
3. go to drivers
4. go to menu driver
5. select xmb
6. go to the main menu
7. save configuration in configuration file
8. quit RetroArch
9. restart RetroArch
10. enjoy !

Amazon Lumberyard: Getting Started Guide

if you make a mistake in the UI : view -> layout -> default layout

== To export and run your game  ==

From the Lumberyard Editor main menu, choose Game, Export to Engine. This creates a launcher file for your level. When the process is finished, a success message is displayed. « The level has been exported. »
In the folder  : C:\Amazon\Lumberyard\\dev\Bin64vc141\
find your game launcher, StarterGameLauncher.exe .

== create a zip file ==

== move file from dev to test ==
– google drive : drive.google.com or

== test the new version ==
validate or invalidate
The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140.dll not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
-> the issue arises after installing a Windows update or after an unsuccessful installation of a specific program.

== move to production ==
steam upload

Shell file (.sh) – how do I install on ubuntu 18

  • check the permissions with a right click, properties, and check execute as a program
  • go to the terminal, in the right folder (ls), try to install with ./file.sh

Tutorial GameGuru march 2020: How to create more levels in one game by using portals

create a marker (player start)

create a door (or any other object like a circle, a phone box etc) in entities, furnitures on the left panel

create a « win zone » on it

right click on the win zone

modify the properties of the win zone on the left panel, in ai system, in use :

by adding the name of the map ("myprojectmap2" or whatever you like but without extention)

Apply change (bottom left)

of course, you need to create and save « myprojectmap2 » (with extension) and create something distinctive.

you need to return to « myprojectmap1 » (with extension) (the one with the portal) and export as standalone application.

and it should work.

source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiU9xhE5jsk