OS X Server 5.0 Essentials – Apple Pro Training Series: Using and Supporting OS X Server on El Capitan Review

About the book :

The authors have serious technical writing skills. I’ve been inspired by such talented,  experimented and professional people. 

Intended Audience : technical coordinators, entry level system administrators, students (anyone who already have a little knowledge of macOS and want to go further.)

I feel supported by Apple. The book is very well organised. Written in 2016. It is about an application from a very used operating system by Apple Inc. This is an IT manual. It is about being knowledgeable about an Apple product. It is a scientific and highly technical subject. It explains how OS X Server works. It is well-written. It’s easy to read. It is exactly 722 pages long. The authors make a complex subject easy to read and practice. It’s a colourful book (with highlights and screenshots). Thats good to my eyes and efficient because as the idiom say « A picture is worth a thousand words ».This book is very well organised. All the exercises are planned to be done in a safe environment (test server).

If you want to know more on a subject there is a lot of links to the Apple official support website (often it can be a pdf file with beautiful pictures).

I would like to thank all the people who have worked at Peachpit Press for making this book possible. Thanks for sharing with us !

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My personal opinion : 

I think of the reward before reading a book. After reading a book, i have a feeling of mastery. It’s good because it expand my knowledge. I feel supported. I’m passionate about Apple products. I highly recommend this book! This book will improve your mind and maybe, your life. This book is full of solutions you might encounter in your work life. It will complete and improve your skills. I see this book as an opportunity to grow (if you grow, you’re customers will grow too; it’s a win-win situation) and master the subject at hand. After you learn something, you can teach others people. So, I think you can evolve professionally with this book.

Why buy this book : 

See it as an accelerator for your career.

How to choose : 

You have the power to buy at Amazon in kindle or paperback format. If it an ebook : it’s cheaper because no need to pay and wait for the delivery ; and more useful because it can be open in a tab on your computer. To me, I prefer the Kindle Cloud Reader to practice while I am reading.



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About the author : By Are Dreyer and Ben Greisler

Ben Greisler has published 8 books with Peachpit on Apple related technologies. I think he had a great motivation to go this far. 



About Apple inc :

Apple is known for delivering quality product and once again they do their best to satisfy their customers.


About me :

I’m an Apple enthusiast.

macOS support essentials 10.14 Apple pro training series : supporting and troubleshooting macOS Mojave (FRENCH COMMENTARY)

« Un livre de qualité avec une capture d’écran utile. Ce livre est le livre officiel (de Adam Karneboge (Auteur), Arek Dreyer (Auteur) » pour ceux qui veulent être certifiés. Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) 10.14.

Vous pouvez apprendre à mettre à jour, mettre à niveau vers une nouvelle version de macOS ou réinstaller. Configurez macOS selon vos propres besoins. Peut-être, si vous êtes programmeur, utilisez l’interface de ligne de commande (CLI). Vous pouvez apprendre à gérer les comptes d’utilisateurs et leur mot de passe. En savoir plus sur le système de fichiers, FileVault (pour chiffrer le disque de démarrage sur votre Mac) et les autorisations. Apprenez à gérer Time Machine pour votre sauvegarde. Apprenez à installer des applications et à configurer votre réseau. Le livre compte près de 1000 pages et ça vaut le coup!

Il peut être acheté chez amazon au format Kindle (moins cher et plus utile) ou au format poche. Je préfère utiliser le Kindle Cloud Reader pendant que je lis.

macOS support essentials 10.14 Apple pro training series : supporting and troubleshooting macOS Mojave Review

About the book:

« Serious, well documented, technically oriented, graphically gorgeous, a quality book with usefull screenshot.” This is the official book (by Adam Karneboge (Author), Arek Dreyer (Author)) for those who want to be certified Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) 10.14.

You can learn to update, upgrade to a new version of macOS or reinstall. Configure macOS to your own needs. Maybe, if you are a programmer use the Command Line Interface (CLI). You can learn to manage users accounts and their password. Learn about file system, FileVault (to encrypt the startup disk on your Mac) and permisssions. Learn to manage the Time Machine for your backup. Learn to install applications and configure your network. The book in nearly 1000 pages long and it’s worth it !

It can by bought at amazon in kindle format (cheaper and more useful) or paperback format. I prefer the Kindle Cloud Reader to practice while I am reading.

About the author :

Arek Dreyer provide consulting for challenging customers about apple products since 2002.


Adam Karneboge is in the Apple consulting business since he is certified in 2003. He has written publications about macOS and iOS.

About Apple Inc:

Apple Inc is a company based in Cupertino, California who develop hardware product such as iPhone, iPad and the Mac personal computer.


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About me :

I read books to train and to master Apple technologies.