Business Model of an online trading platform with a Win-Win Strategy

5 parts: Provider, Consumer, Competitor, Partner and Self.


– Payment Services Providers (PSP) have a business model that works by commissions (fixed and variable) on the transactions of their customers (about 2%). To increase their profits, they want to increase their volume of transactions and that customers send the most money.

– Their main partners are the merchants and trading platform that allows them to increase their volume of transactions and amounts over the users who use them. This is done by increasing the number of customers that is proportional to the access of their information systems: the API (Application Programming Interface) that allows anyone to automate payments.

– Their suppliers are one or more banks. The financial messages are handled electronically by the bank. The PSP received confirmation via an API.


– The internet users want to meet their needs. The needs of humanity are recurrent (must be met every day). This need is either a product or service, or money. The products are among the online marketplaces (e-commerce). The easy money is on the trading platform.

– To send money, the user needs a PSP. PSP and asked to have a bank account to fulfill its electronic wallet. Compared to the PSP, the user earns more per transaction if the gain is at its default value (maximum).

Competitor, Partner and Self:

– The business model of the trading platform is either the same as the PSP (for transactions), or an entrance fee or monthly fee or premium sponsorships (link id) or is free. (The money is earned in the same way as users.)

– Providers of trading platforms are the PSP with their API. (the logo is highlighted)

– The users use a service that allows them to move money. The strategy of moving money is defined either by the trading platform or by users themselves. (depends on the internal politics of the trading platform)

– The trading platform is a software layer above the PSP. The design and evolution of the computer product can be partially outsourced to one or more persons caring for an open source trading platform that would reduce costs and development time.