Tutorial GameGuru march 2020: How to create more levels in one game by using portals

create a marker (player start)

create a door (or any other object like a circle, a phone box etc) in entities, furnitures on the left panel

create a « win zone » on it

right click on the win zone

modify the properties of the win zone on the left panel, in ai system, in use :

by adding the name of the map ("myprojectmap2" or whatever you like but without extention)

Apply change (bottom left)

of course, you need to create and save « myprojectmap2 » (with extension) and create something distinctive.

you need to return to « myprojectmap1 » (with extension) (the one with the portal) and export as standalone application.

and it should work.

source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiU9xhE5jsk