Ec Council – Certified Ethical Hacker – CEH v10 – Exercices List Complete

Module 02 Footprinting and Reconnaissance

Exercise 1: Open Source Information Gathering Using Windows Command Line Utilities
Exercise 2: Collecting Information About a Target Website Using Firebug
Exercise 3: Mirroring Website Using HTTrack Web Site Copier
Exercise 4: Advanced Network Route Tracing Using Path Analyzer Pro
Exercise 5: Information Gathering Using Metasploit

Module 03 Scanning Networks

Exercise 1: UDP and TCP Packet Crafting Techniques using HPING3
Exercise 2: Scanning The Network Using The Colasoft Packet Builder
Exercise 3: Basic Network Troubleshooting Using MegaPing
Exercise 4: Understanding Network Scanning Using Nmap
Exercise 5: Exploring Various Network Scanning Techniques
Exercise 6: Scanning a Network Using NetScan Tools Pro
Exercise 7: Avoiding Scanning Detection using Multiple Decoy IP Addresses
Exercise 8: Drawing Network Diagrams Using Network Topology Mapper
Exercise 9: Checking for Live Systems Using Angry IP Scanner
Exercise 10: Scanning for Network Traffic Going Through a Computer’s Adapter Using IP-Tools
Exercise 11: Identify Target System OS with TTL and TCP Window Sizes using Wireshark

Module 04 Enumeration

Exercise 1: NetBIOS Enumeration Using Global Network Inventory
Exercise 2: Enumerating Network Resources Using Advanced IP Scanner
Exercise 3: Performing Network Enumeration Using SuperScan
Exercise 4: Enumerating Resources in a Local Machine Using Hyena
Exercise 5: Performing Network Enumeration Using NetBIOS Enumerator
Exercise 6: Enumerating a Network Using SoftPerfect Network Scanner
Exercise 7: Enumerating a Target Network using Nmap and Net Use
Exercise 8: Enumerating Services on a Target Machine
Exercise 9: SNMP Enumeration Using snmp_enum
Exercise 10: LDAP Enumeration Using Active Directory Explorer (ADExplorer)
Exercise 11: Enumerating information from Windows and Samba host using Enum4linux

Module 05 Vulnerability Analysis

Exercise 1: Vulnerability Analysis Using Nessus
Exercise 2: CGI Scanning with Nikto

Module 06 System Hacking

Exercise 1: Dumping and Cracking SAM Hashes to Extract Plaintext Passwords
Exercise 2: Creating and Using Rainbow Tables
Exercise 3: Auditing System Passwords Using L0phtCrack
Exercise 4: Exploiting Client Side Vulnerabilities and Establishing a VNC Session
Exercise 5: Escalating Privileges by Exploiting Client Side Vulnerabilities
Exercise 6: Hacking Windows 10 using Metasploit, and Post-Exploitation Using Meterpreter
Exercise 7: User System Monitoring and Surveillance Using Spytech SpyAgent
Exercise 8: Web Activity Monitoring and Recording using Power Spy
Exercise 9: Hiding Files Using NTFS Streams
Exercise 10: Hiding Data Using White Space Steganography
Exercise 11: Image Steganography Using OpenStego
Exercise 12: Image Steganography Using Quick Stego
Exercise 13: Viewing, Enabling, and Clearing Audit Policies Using Auditpol
Exercise 14: Covert Channels using Covert_TCP
Exercise 15: Hacking Windows Server 2012 with a Malicious Office Document Using TheFatRat
Exercise 16: Active Online Attack using Responder

Module 07 Malware Threats

Exercise 1: Creating an HTTP Trojan and Remotely Controlling a Target Machine Using HTTP RAT
Exercise 2: Creating a Trojan Server Using the GUI Trojan MoSucker
Exercise 3: Gaining Control over a Victim Machine Using njRAT
Exercise 4: Obfuscating a Trojan Using SwayzCryptor and Making it Undetectable to Various Anti-Virus Programs
Exercise 5: Creating a Server Using the ProRat Tool
Exercise 6: Creating a Trojan Server Using Theef
Exercise 7: Creating a Virus Using the JPS Virus Maker Tool
Exercise 8: Creating a Worm Using Internet Worm Maker Thing
Exercise 9: Virus Analysis using IDA
Exercise 10: Virus Analysis Using OllyDbg
Exercise 11: Detecting Trojans
Exercise 12: Monitoring TCP/IP Connections Using the CurrPorts
Exercise 13: Removing Malware using Clamwin
Exercise 14: Performing Registry Entry Monitoring
Exercise 15: Startup Program Monitoring Tool

Module 08 Sniffing

Exercise 1: Sniffing Passwords using Wireshark
Exercise 2: Analyzing a Network Using Capsa Network Analyzer
Exercise 3: Spoofing MAC Address Using SMAC
Exercise 4: Performing Man-in-the-Middle Attack using Cain & Abel
Exercise 5: Detecting ARP Poisoning in a Switch Based Network
Exercise 6: Detecting ARP Attacks with XArp Tool

Module 09 Social Engineering

Exercise 1: Sniffing Website Credentials Using Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)

Module 10 Denial-of-Service

Exercise 1: SYN Flooding a Target Host Using Metasploit
Exercise 2: SYN Flooding a Target Host Using hping3
Exercise 3: Performing Distributed Denial of Service Attack Using HOIC

Module 11 Session Hijacking

Exercise 1: Session Hijacking Using the Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)

Module 12 Evading IDS Firewalls and Honeypots

Exercise 1: Detecting Intrusions Using Snort
Exercise 2: Detecting Malicious Network Traffic Using HoneyBOT
Exercise 3: Bypassing Windows Firewall Using Nmap Evasion Techniques
Exercise 4: Bypassing Firewall Rules Using HTTP/FTP Tunneling
Exercise 5: Bypassing Windows Firewall using Metasploit

Module 13 Hacking Web Servers

Exercise 1: Performing Web Server Reconnaissance using Skipfish
Exercise 2: Footprinting a Web Server Using the httprecon Tool
Exercise 3: Footprinting a Web Server Using ID Serve
Exercise 4: Cracking FTP Credentials Using Dictionary Attack
Exercise 5: Uniscan Web Server Fingerprinting in Kali Linux

Module 14 Hacking Web Applications

Exercise 1: Exploiting Parameter Tampering and XSS Vulnerabilities in Web Applications
Exercise 2: Enumerating and Hacking a Web Application Using WPScan and Metasploit
Exercise 3: Exploiting Remote Command Execution Vulnerability to Compromise a Target Web Server
Exercise 4: Auditing Web Application Framework Using Vega
Exercise 5: Website Vulnerability Scanning Using Acunetix WVS
Exercise 6: Exploiting File Upload Vulnerability at Different Security Levels
Exercise 7: Performing Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attack

Module 15 SQL Injection

Exercise: 1 SQL Injection Attacks on an MS SQL Database
Exercise: 2 Scanning Web Applications Using N-Stalker Tool
Exercise: 3 Performing SQL Injection attack against MSSQL to extract Databases and WebShell using SQLMAP

Module 16 Hacking Wireless Networks

Exercise: 1 WiFi Packet Analysis using Wireshark
Exercise: 2 Cracking a WEP with Aircrack-ng
Exercise: 3 Cracking a WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) with Aircrack-ng

Module 17 Hacking Mobile Platforms

Exercise: 1 Creating Binary Payloads using Kali Linux to Hack Android
Exercise: 2 Harvesting Users’ Credentials Using the Social Engineering Toolkit

Module 19 Cloud Computing

Exercise: 1 Creating User Accounts and Assigning User Rights in ownCloud
Exercise: 2 Securing ownCloud from Malicious File uploads using ClamAV
Exercise: 3 Bypassing ownCloud Antivirus and Hacking the Host using Kali Linux
Exercise: 4 Implementing DoS Attack on Linux Cloud Server Using Slowloris Script

Module 20 Cryptography

Exercise 1: Calculating One-Way Hashes Using HashCalc
Exercise 2: Calculating MD5 Hashes Using MD5 Calculator
Exercise 3: Understanding File and Text Encryption Using CryptoForge
Exercise 4: Encrypting and Decrypting the Data Using BCTextEncoder
Exercise 5: Creating and Using Self-Signed Certificate
Exercise 6: Basic Disk Encryption Using VeraCrypt
Exercise 7: Basic Data Encryption Using CrypTool

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