Rock, Paper, Scissors

C'est ma version en anglais du jeu de Pierre , Papier, Ciseau que j'ai fait avec SharpDevelop rock battle. Vous pouvez me la demander en me contactant par courriel.

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a popular hand game most often played by children. The objective is to defeat the opponent by selecting a weapon which defeats their choice. If players choose the same weapon, the game is a tie and is played again.

Typically, the short game is repeated so that the person who wins two out of three or three out of five times wins the entire game.

Mathematically optimal play (according to game theory) is a simple matter of selecting randomly, and so the game may be considered trivial in that sense when played in a way that eliminates psychology, as with a computer. But "optimal" in this sense means only "incapable of being defeated more than expected by chance", while it does not imply that the random strategy is best at taking advantage of a suboptimal opponent. In fact, if the opponent is human or a non-random program, it is almost certain that he plays suboptimally and that a modified strategy can exploit that weakness.

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